Stand Up to Bad Feet.

That unsightly and painful crack on your heel is called a fissure. That’s Latin for divided, as in “your skin is so dry, it's divided from itself.” Lots of factors come into play when it comes to being the recipient of such fissures. Factors like age, weather changes, the environment, exercise, harsh soaps and detergents, even diseases such as diabetes.

Despite the many variables, one common denominator is excessively dry skin. And your odds of winning the fissure lottery are especially high during the dry winter months. So with all those odds against you, what can be done to help protect your feet from this problem?

Fortunately, it’s not anywhere near as desperate as it seems. But it does take far more than an ordinary moisturizer to get the results and relief you’re hoping to achieve. Look no further than AmLactin® Foot Cream. With its rich, creamy texture, AmLactin® Foot Cream is the ultimate recovery therapy for tough, callused feet. Utilizing our clinical-strength ULTRAPLEX® formula, this triple action alpha-hydroxy therapy gently exfoliates and intensely hydrates to heal, repair, and soften. Don’t let its small, easy-to-carry 3 oz tube fool you–what’s inside packs a wallop.

With such an advanced dry foot cream formula, the American Podiatric Medical Association honored AmLactin® Foot Cream with their seal of approval “because of its beneficial exfoliation and hydration properties, which promotes exceptional foot health,” as stated by Michael J. King, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine and President of the APMA.

AmLactin® is the #1 moisturizer brand recommended by podiatrists.1


1. Kloos Donoghue S. Podiatry management annual practice survey. Podiatry Management. February 2012.