You know the advantages of AHA.
Do your patients?

Even with familiar phrases like acid test, acid music, and acid rain, the word "acid" still brings up caustic connotations to many consumers, which can be challenging when those consumers are patients, and you’re suggesting they put alpha-hydroxy acid on their body. While the benefits of your patients using an alpha-hydroxy lotion for dry skin far outweigh doing nothing at all, we believe your patients will be more likely to have a successful outcome if they understand the science behind an alpha-hydroxy cream or lotion.

Dry Skin and KP

We encourage you to share the following video with your patients. This simple video spotlights dry skin associated with keratosis pilaris (KP), which you are aware is a very common condition that affects an astounding 40 percent of the world’s population1. The video demonstrates the exfoliating properties of lactic acid—an AHA used in AmLactin® alpha-hydroxy skin care moisturizers.

Reference: 1. Alai NN, Keratosis pilaris. Accessed January 19, 2012.