Xerosis. A Word Game Favorite for “Dry Skin.”

Despite the complicated name, it comes with a very simple explanation about one cause of dry skin. In its most fundamental form, dry skin is the result of low relative humidity—balancing air and water is just as important to you as it is for a meteorologist.

Think of the top layer of your skin as a screen door with very fine mesh in winter. Since cold outside air and heated indoor air contain very little moisture, your skin is constantly exposed to environments that suck the moisture through the screen door mesh at an accelerated rate. As a result of this low relative humidity, some people’s skin may begin to peel and potentially crack. 

There are many factors that come into play. Some you can control (use a strong moisturizer, moderate bathing, avoid harsh soaps) and some you cannot (genetics, incurable diseases, aging).  But no matter what, there are dry skin treatment steps you can take to help keep your skin well hydrated for a healthy, soft and silky appearance.

Over the winter

  • Avoid exposing skin to wind and cold air
  • Wear gloves, a scarf, and warm footwear
  • Apply a moisturizer, such as AmLactin®, to dry skin
    before going outside

During the summer

  • Use sunscreen
  • Stay hydrated
  • Wear shoes and socks if you have dry cracked heels
  • Apply extra moisturizer to affected areas

Bath time

  • Use warm water when taking a bath or shower; hot water can dry out the skin
  • Replace baths with showers; limit your bathing time
  • Wash dry skin areas with a nonsoap cleanser
  • Gently pat skin dry
  • Apply moisturizer as soon as possible after bathing

Use AmLactin®

Softening rough to severely dry skin may require hydrating moisturizers like AmLactin® alpha-hydroxy skin care products. Popular for the treatment of dry skin, these moisturizers are made from lactic acid-based formulas that gently exfoliate and intensely hydrate. With creamy emollients and rich humectants that help retain the skin’s natural moisture, water is drawn to the skin so it looks and feels soft and smooth.