Skin Care Tip: Enjoy Summer—Keep Dry Skin in Hibernation.

Whether summer is coming or you’re planning a mid-winter beach getaway, there comes a time to pull your favorite sundresses out from the back of your closet. There’s just one problem—while your spirit may be ready for the warm weather, your skin is likely still dry and flaky from the chilly months you’ve just endured. What’s a girl to do? Enter AmLactin® Moisturizing Body Lotion—an everyday body lotion that gently exfoliates and intensely hydrates to relieve rough, dry skin. With clinically proven 12% lactic acid encouraging natural skin cell renewal, your winter skin blues will be transformed into an I-want-my-sundress-pronto state of seaside bliss. Apply twice daily to get soft, smooth skin before the summer season sets in and always remember, when using an alpha-hydroxy moisturizer (AHA), be sun smart: use sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using and for a week afterward.

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AmLactin® Moisturizing Body Lotion