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AmLactin® Believers aren’t the only ones telling us our alpha-hydroxy acid products are providing serious relief. They seem to have attracted a certain buzz among the media as well. After all, it’s newsworthy to discover a dry skin treatment that actually works for so many who never thought they’d find one.

As featured on August 25, 2014

“Amlactin Ultra Triple Action Hydrating Body Cream, $16.99, […] smoothes, repairs, and softens skin with a potent blend of alpha-hydroxy acids, rich humectants, and creamy emollients. Apply it twice a day.”

As featured on July 15, 2014

How AmLactin And Dry Brushing Saved My Skin
“I started applying the lotion the minute I left the drugstore, right there on the sidewalk. It gave instant relief--the sort of calming and soothing that I hadn’t experienced in the longest time. No more vicious scratching, no more dry skin. Sweet relief was mine at last. […]. The lactic acid naturally causes your skin to turn over and locks in hydration while helping to boost skin’s ability to retain said moisture. AmLactin makes other genius solutions as well. Crazy peeling feet? Slather on AmLactin Foot Cream and throw on some socks. Got a dry skin situation even worse than mine? Check out my beloved winter solution, AmLactin Ultra Hydrating Body Cream.”

As featured on August 2012

“AmLactin [Moisturizing Body Lotion] contains twelve percent lactic acid to allow the moisture to penetrate deeply into your skin.”

As featured on September 2012

“Upsher-Smith turned to Duffy & Partners seeking a new look and feel for the packaging of its lotion line AmLactin. Duffy’s design preserves the […] heritage of the brand, while appealing to a broader audience on the shelf.”

As featured on October 2012

“[...] when I was asked to be the Brand Ambassador for AmLactin, it was a great fit [...] It has lactic acid in it, which is great because it exfoliates your skin […]”

As featured on WSJ Live October 2012

“Swimmer Dara Torres, a 12-time Olympic medalist, demos her Ki-Hara stretching routine and talks about life after the pool, her marriage engagement and business endorsements.”

As featured on October 2012

“[...] what's inside has consistently been one of the most recommended lotions for dry skin for years, thanks to its high percentage of lactic acid (dermatologists have raved about it in 13 Allure stories since 2004).”

As featured on November 2012

“AmLactin’s powerful alpha-hydroxy therapy works to both exfoliate away dry, dead skin cells on the surface as well as maintain moisture, for soft, silky skin. Centering around the “Fundamentals of Fit Skin” the brand’s “Ultra Skin Performance” campaign is a perfect fit for me [...]”

As featured on February 2013

“[...] For a moisturizer, my favorite is AmLactin Body Lotion. It didn’t go with the color scheme of the bathroom, but I love it. [Laughs] […] it’s really good for dry skin, your hands, your feet, your legs. I make everyone in my family use it [...]”