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When it comes to straight talk, nobody tells it like it is better than an AmLactin® Believer. Or as passionately. So as you read the dry skin success stories below, you’ll discover that the joy of finding an effective dry skin treatment is...well, worthy of shouting from the rooftops.

Eve V
I am 52 years old and have Had cracked heels for over 3 decades. I have tried EVERY product Available to man kind. Continuously, none worked to satisfaction. Then, a friend talked about the only product for cracked heels was Amlactin. I was of course skeptical! Well, Amlactin worked!!! My pediurist could not believe the difference. She now tells everyone with dry cracked heels, there is a solution. AMLACTIN. I did not even know till now, you have a foot cream. No need to, because the Ultra works so well!!! I am no longer embarrassed, by my heels!!!! This is the first time, I have ever written a Testimonial!! 30 years of Heel Pain and Embarrassment - OVER!!!!! Would travel to the End of the Earth for this Product!!!! Love to wear flip-flops and sandals!!!! THANK YOU, Amlactin!!!!
Erin P
I’m in my 30s and have had KP my entire life – those super dry, annoyingly always present, bumps on my arms and legs. I’ve probably tried every kind of moisturizer at one point, but nothing made a noticeable difference. I asked a dermatologist once and he said I’d need a prescription lotion for the rest of my life - which just seemed ridiculous. At a friend’s suggestion, I tried AmLactin a couple months ago – and have smooth skin for the FIRST TIME EVER. It made an enormous difference very quickly – I’m a huge believer in this product.
Sherri N
My dermatologist recommended I use this product. It is by far the best thing I have ever used for my skin. Best moisturizer ever. Even my rough elbows are soft now. Have always kept them covered and tried everything on them. Nothing worked until now. I would love to get an even bigger bottle. I use it every day and LOVE it. Thank you.
Betty B
AmLactin Foot Cream is my choice for soft and crack-free feet. As a diabetic, I'm glad to have this great produce that really works!