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When it comes to straight talk, nobody tells it like it is better than an AmLactin® Believer. Or as passionately. So as you read the dry skin success stories below, you’ll discover that the joy of finding an effective dry skin treatment is...well, worthy of shouting from the rooftops.

Krystle W
I work in a hospital and constantly wash my hands. I tried many products with no relief from my dry,itchy,burning,cracking hands. This problem was severe and was not getting any better. It wasn't until a pharmacist recommended Amlactin for me to try. It costed more than I wanted to spend but I was willing to give it a try. It was money well spent and a little goes a long way. I saw relief by the next day and 3 days later my skin had improved drastically. I will continue to use this product and am very thankful for it. I recommend this for anyone who use their hands and have to wash them a lot.
Arky G
I use the Lotion and Cream year round and will always use AmLactin products! I urge everyone to get AmLactin and you will become a True Believer as I am.
Kathy m
My entire life I have had severely dry skin. It was worse in the winter, but was always a cause a distress for me. I had these little red bumps on the back of my arms and top of my thighs that I could never seem to get rid, of regardless of what I did(I now know it's KP). I was embarrassed to go to pool parties, wear shorts, or sleeveless shirts. I also had sore cracked heels that were not only ugly, but very painful! I asked several doctors, but was always told it was nothing to worry about. Well, it may not have been life threatening, but it WAS affecting my life! My self esteem and confidence was at an all time low. I was always trying to hide my ugly skin. When I was 42, I met my current partner. He introduced me to AmLactin Moisturizing lotion because of my skin issues. After two weeks my skin felt amazing! He then brought home the AmLactin Cerapeutic lotion. For the first time ever, I no longer had the little bumps on my arms & legs! My skin looked and felt beautifully soft! I now have the confidence to wear dresses every day to work. I was actually told one day that I have beautiful legs and skin! I never thought I would ever want to show off my arms and legs! I use AmLactin Cerapeutic lotion every day on my entire body after every shower. My skin is healthy, radiant, and glowing. My confidence is glowing and radiant to match! I could never have imagined such amazing, life changing results. I can go out in public with confidence in shorts, tanks, dresses, etc! My life has indelibly been changed for the better. The affect on my confidence and self esteem has been amazing! Thank you AmLactin for giving me life altering results!
Cheri I
My entire life I have had KP. Although I had no idea what the skin problem was called I can remember when I was in grade school the kids would come up to me and rub my arms asking what is wrong with my skin. I stopped wearing anything without sleeves. I just put up with it for years and finally went to a dermatologist. He said it would never go away and gave me a few samples of expired lotions, none of them Amlactin. It wasn't until my big sister, a nurse, suggested I try Amlactin. So I did and the rest is history. I have had the smoothest arms and I now go sleeveless!