Lactic Acid 101

Meet the multi-tasking ingredient that powers every AmLactin® formula and works with your skin's natural renewal process.

Why Lactic Acid?

Lactic acid is the next “it” ingredient in skincare, and for good reason – it has so many multi-tasking benefits for skin. As a gentle AHA, it effectively exfoliates skin's surface, removing dead cells. Plus, it acts as a deeply hydrating moisturizer, working with your skin's natural renewal process to maintain hydration over time.

Skincare for Everywhere

Radiance shouldn’t stop at your face. Whether you’re simply looking to maintain healthy-looking skin from head-to-toe, or you’re targeting tricky concerns like Keratosis Pilaris, our broad range of Lactic Acid concentrations can help.

Activating True Skin Potential

What sets our Lactic Acid formulas apart? It's all about the right concentrations and form.

AmLactin® harnesses the power of Ammonium Lactate (also a nod to our brand name), a pH-balanced type of Lactic Acid that results in a gentler exfoliation than other forms. Ammonium Lactate is one of three potent Lactic Acid salts that make up our proprietary ingredient, Ultraplex®, found only in AmLactin® products. 

Each formula is carefully formulated with 5-15% concentrations of Lactic Acid for deeply hydrating, experience-it-to-believe-it results you can see and feel that uncover your true skin.

Skin Believers

At our core, we’re believers - believers in science, in simplicity, and in helping you uncover your true skin. We know that no matter where you’re starting from, your skin’s capacity for change and transformation is possible, and we’re here to help you reveal it.

Works With Your Skin

We know the science. You know your skin. Let's find your AmLactin® formula.